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Little Heath Primary School

Together we Learn, Together we Achieve

Welcome to Little Heath Primary School. Please explore our website to see what we are achieving; wider opportunities, sport, and helpful links. At Little Heath Primary School, we strive to make children feel safe, to achieve their full aspirations, and have the knowledge and skills to REACH their full potential.


Come and meet the staff at our school.

Teaching Staff

Mrs J. Stanley - Headteacher

Mrs A. Bolus - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs C. Nastase - YrR - Oak Class Teacher

Mrs C. Dismorr - Yr1 - Fir Class Teacher

Mrs. A. Banipal  - Yr2 - Apple Class Teacher

Miss L. Sherry - Yr3 - Hazel Class Teacher

Mr J. Sanders - Yr4 - Palm Class Teacher

Mrs S. Kirby - Yr5 - Willow Class Teacher

Mrs. N. Hayes - Yr6 - Maple Class Teacher


Mrs N. O'Neill - PPA Cover

Mr M. Ward - PPA Cover




Mrs E.McDonald


Teaching Assistants

 Miss S Williams - YrR - Oak

Mrs C. Barber - YrR - Oak

Mrs K. Barker - Yr1 - Fir

Miss E. Baker - Yr2 - Apple

Mrs N. Thabul - Yr3 - Hazel

Mrs T Adams- Yr4 - Palm

Mrs J. Kasprzyk - Yr5 - Willow

Mrs L. Tyler - Yr6 - Maple

Currently on maternity leave Miss F. Keeling



Pastoral Care

Mrs C. Hayes - Learning Mentor Manager



Administrative and Support Staff

Mrs T. Pearson - Business  Manager

Mrs Y. Lee  - Clerical Assistant

Mrs K. Jones - Clerical Assistant

Mrs M. Burnside - Admin Assistant

Mr I. Whale - Site Service Officer



Head Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Mrs A. Baker

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

Mrs M. Underhill

Mrs S. Jagatia

Mrs Q. Abdulaahi

Mrs M. Ghuman

Mrs A. Jan

Mrs N. Kaur

Mrs N. Akhtar

Mrs U. Salma



Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs H. Adde


Creative Capers After School Club

Mrs H. Adde


Catering Staff

Mrs M. Ford

Mrs R. McGrane


Premises Cleaning Staff

Mrs A. Baker

Mrs S. Jagatia

Mrs N. Kaur

Mrs M. Underhill

Mrs U. Salma

Mrs Q. Abdulaahi



Mrs L. Russell

Together we learn, together we achieve.