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Little Heath Primary School

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Welcome to Little Heath Primary school, Ofsted rated GOOD 2017! Please explore our website to see what we are achieving; wider opportunities, sport and helpful links.


What does your child learn at school each day?



At Little Heath we aim to inspire and enthuse children about their learning and to ignite a curiosity that develops lifelong learners. We teach our children from a topic based curriculum, where units are selected to interest and excite children. While our youngest children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, the topics we teach throughout the rest of the school are underpinned by the National Curriculum and develop skills and knowledge to prepare children for life beyond this school.

Within this thematic approach there is an emphasis on English and Maths skills, which can then be applied across the curriculum as a whole. The learning activities provided allow children to grow their understanding of the world around themas well as nurture their confidence in what they can do and achieve.

In order to build solid foundations in English children are taught phonics from the ReadWriteInc. Programme; moving on to developing their spelling skills. These skills are then reinforced and applied whenever writing takes place across the curriculum. They are also given the opportunity to practise their mathematical calculation skills, daily, in our ‘4 a day’ sessions.

To support and enhance our curriculum we provide learning opportunities that take place outside the classroom, these may be within the school setting as well as further afield. These opportunities allow children to have a wider range of learning experiences in different environments, gaining understanding and new skills in addition to applying what they already know.


To find out more about the curriculum please come to talk to our deputy head, Mr Corbett, or follow the class links to see what is happening in each classroom.