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Little Heath Primary School

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Welcome to Little Heath Primary school, Ofsted rated GOOD 2017! Please explore our website to see what we are achieving; wider opportunities, sport and helpful links.

Teaching staff

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Teaching Staff

Mrs G. Mulhall - Headteacher

Mr A. Corbett - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Carol Hayes - Learning Mentor Manager

Mrs S. Lewis - EYFS Ash Class Teacher,  (on maternity leave)

Miss C. Babbs  - EYFS Oak Class Teacher Acting EYFS leader

Miss L. Sherry - Y1 Elm Class Teacher

Mrs M.Lukong - Y1 Fir Class Teacher

Miss L.Smith  - Y2 Cherry Class Teacher, Phase Leader

Miss S Beamish- Y2 Apple Class Teacher 

Mr C Barnes - Y3 Hazel Class Teacher

Mr L Rickwood -  Y4 Palm Class Teacher

Mrs M. Carroll - Y3/4 Cedar Class Teacher

Mrs S Kirby  - Y5 Willow Class Teacher

Miss N Brooks - Y5/6 Pine Class Teacher

Mrs S. Soesan - Y6 Maple Class Teacher, Phase Leader

Mr J. Sanders - PPA cover

Mrs J. O'Grady - PPA Cover

Mrs H Vann - PPA cover


Teaching Assistants

 Mrs K. Barker and Miss D'Cruz - EYFS 

Mrs A Stevens Yr1

Mrs L Tyler Yr1

Miss A Curran - Y1

Mrs T. Adams - Y2

Mrs C Barber - Y2

Miss F Keeling  - Y3

Mr  A Felton - Y3

Mrs N. Thabul - Y3/4 

Miss K Hollingsworth - Y4

Mrs J. Kasprzyk - Y5 and Y6

Miss N. Wilson - Y5



Pastoral Care

Mrs N. Griffiths - Learning Mentor


Administrative and Support Staff

Tracey Pearson - Business  Manager.

Sue Thatcher - Admin Assistant

Yvette Lee  - Admin Assistant

Megan Carlyon - Admin Assistant

Margaret Burnside - Admin Assisstant

Mary Evans - SSO


Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

Mandy Underhill

Santok Jagatia

Annabel Baker

Sladjana Matanovic

Quaali Abdulaahi

Marta Ghuman

Akhtar Jan

Jackie Lenton

Narinder Kaur

Kayani Sathyanathan

Head Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant

Annabel Baker

Breakfast Club Assistant

Hodan Adde


Catering Staff

Mandy Ford

Ros McGrane

Hodan Adde


Premises Cleaning Staff

Annabel Baker

Claire Harris

Santok Jagatia

Narinder Kaur

Sladjana Matanovic